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Chapter 4: Speaking & Listening (12 videos)
4.1: Dialogue between Librarian and Student (reading /explanation)
  1. Dialogue between Librarian and Student (reading /explanation)
4.2: Dialogue between Amna & Sidra (reading /explanation)
  1. Dialogue between Amna & Sidra (reading /explanation)
4.3: I like-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. I like-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
4.4: I Dislike-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. I Dislike-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
4.5: Likes and Dislikes-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Likes and Dislikes-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
4.6: Honesty-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Honesty-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
4.7: Listen Read and Act-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Listen Read and Act-Dialogue(reading /explanation/activities)
4.8: Good Habits-Monologue (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Good Habits (Reading/explanation/exercises)
  2. More on Good Habits
  3. Exercise Good Habits (fill in the blanks)
4.9: Expressing Feelings-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Expressing Feelings-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
4.10: A Dialogue between Friends (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Dialogue (between class fellows)