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Chapter 4: Writing » Grade 5 (64 videos)
4.1: Paragaraph Writing
  1. Paragaraph Writing Intro-Outline (explanation with examples)
  2. Paragraph Writing Sample(writing of a paragraph)
4.2: Letter Format & Types
  1. Letter Types and Format(explanation with examples)
4.3: Styles and Tones in letter writing
  1. Styles and Tones in Letter Writing
4.4: Formal Letter (Application)
  1. Formal Letter Sample (reading and discussion of sample)
4.5: Informal Letter
  1. Informal Letter Sample (reading and discussion of sample)
4.6: Email
  1. Email Sample (reading and discussion of sample)
4.7: Fable
  1. Writing Your Own Fable
4.8: Writing about a Personality
  1. Writing Information About Your Favourite Personality/ Biography
4.9: Writing a News Report and Article
  1. Writing an Informational Article
4.10: Writing a Personal Narrative
  1. Writing a Personal Narrative
4.11: Mind Map
  1. Mind Map (developing of a mind map)
  2. Writing a Paragraph with the help of a Mind Map Part 1
  3. How to Develop a Mind Map (filling a mind map/explanation)
4.12: Summary Writing
  1. Summary Writing Intro and Steps (explanation with examples)
  2. Exercise-Summary Skills-1
  3. Exercise-Summary Skills-2
  4. Exercise-Summary Skills-3
  5. Summary (explanation with practice using short poems)
  6. Summary Steps with Flow Chart (explanation)
  7. Summary of a Poem(Daffodils) (reading/outlining/checking/writing)
  8. Summary of a Short Passage (reading/outlining/checking/writing)
  9. Summary of a Long Passage (reading/outlining/checking/writing)
  10. More on Summary of a Long Passage
4.13: Essay Writing
  1. Essay Writing -Intro with Essay Types (explanation with examples)
  2. Exercise-Essay Writing
  3. Steps for writing an Essay (explanation with examples)
  4. More on Steps for writing an Essay
  5. Essay Writing (Steps to Follow/types of essays)(explanation)
  6. More on Essay Writing Steps to Follow
  7. An Essay on Quaid-e-Azam our National Hero (mind map/outline/writing)
  8. Important Essay Topics( guessing the type of essay)
  9. Formal/Informal-Non-fictional/Fictional Essay (explanation)
4.14: Descriptive Essay
  1. Descriptive Essay Sample (writing of essay)
  2. Character Sketch(explanation/steps to follow)
  3. More on Character Sketch
  4. Descriptive/Narrative Essay Comparison & Expository/Descriptive Mindm
4.15: Cause and Effect Essay
  1. Cause and Effect Essay Sample (writing of essay)
  2. More on Cause and Effect Essay Sample (writing of essay)
  3. A Sample Cause and Effect Essay (mind map/outline/writing)
  4. More on A Cause and Effect Essay
  5. Cause and Effect
4.16: Comparison and Contrast Essay
  1. Comparison and Contrast Essay Sample(writing of essay)
  2. More on Comparison and Contrast Essay Sample (writing of essay)
  3. A Sample Comparison and Contrast Essay (outline/explanation)
  4. More on A Comparison and Contrast Essay
4.17: Writing an Invitation
  1. Writing an Invitation
4.18: Dialogue Writing
  1. Dialogue Writing Part 1
  2. Dialogue Writing Part 2
  3. Dialogue Writing Part 4
  4. Dialogue Writing Part 5
4.19: Self-Created Cloze
  1. Self-Created Cloze
4.20: Free Writing (writing without stopping)
  1. Free Writing: Writing Without Stopping
4.21: Writing a Diary Entry
  1. Writing a Diary Entry
4.22: Flow Chart of a School Event
  1. Flow Chart of a School Event
4.23: Blurbs
  1. Blurbs
4.24: Writing a News Report
  1. News Report
4.25: Advertisement
  1. Language Of Advertising
4.26: Headlines And Subheadings
  1. Headlines And Subheadings
4.27: Writing Poetry And Understanding Forms Of Poetry
  1. Haiku (Japanese Syllabic Poetry)
4.28: Writing Page For A Travel Brochure
  1. Writing a Page For a Travel Brochure
4.29: Writing A Rhyme
  1. Writing A Rhyme
4.30: Tabulated Instructions For A Recipe
  1. Tabulated Instructions For A Recipe
4.31: Sub-Headings For A Text
  1. Sub-Headings For a Text