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Chapter 1: Reading: Literature » Grade 2 (55 videos)
1.1: The Little Lamb-Story(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. The Little Lamb-Story(reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on The Little Lamb-Story
  3. Exercise-The Little Lamb-Story(tick correct words)
1.2: Rewrite-The Little Lamb(story writing)
  1. Rewrite-The Little Lamb(story writing)
  2. More on Rewrite-The Little Lamb
1.3: A Village-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. A Village-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
1.4: About Myself (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. About Myself
  2. Exercise About Myself (tick right answer)
  3. Exercise About Myself (write answers)
1.5: My New Class-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. My New Class
  2. Exercise My New Class (Write Answers)
1.6: Kheeri-Maria's Cat-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Kheeri (Maria's Cat)
  2. More on Kheeri (Maria's Cat)
1.7: Let's Play Cricket-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Let's Play Cricket-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
1.8: Brave Arifa-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Brave Arifa-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Brave Arifa-Story
  3. Brave Arifa Questions & Answers (write answers)
  4. More on Brave Arifa Questions & Answers
1.9: A Passage about Mr. & Mrs.Hali (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. A Passage about Mr.&Mrs.Hali (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Passage about Rafi Hali
1.10: Uncle and Aunt's Visit-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Uncle and Aunt's Visist-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
1.11: A Goat for Eid-Passage (reading /explanation/activities/activities)
  1. A Goat for Eid-Passage(reading /explanation/activities/activities)
  2. More on A Goat for Eid-Passage
  3. A Goat for Eid Activity
  4. A goat for Eid (Writing Answers)
1.12: My Pet Goat (write sentences)
  1. My Pet Goat (write sentences)
1.13: At the Zoo-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. At the Zoo-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on At the Zoo-Passage
1.14: Tad and His Cow-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Tad and His Cow-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Tad and His Cow-Passage
1.15: Joe and Jane-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Joe and Jane-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
1.16: Tubby and Tina-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Tubby and Tina-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
1.17: Complete the Story (write word in place of picture)
  1. Complete the Story (write word in place of picture)
1.18: Answer the Riddles (read/guess)
  1. Answer the Riddles about Shapes (read/guess)
1.19: Abdul Qadir Jillani R.A-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Abdul Qadir Jillani R.A-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Abdul Qadir Jillani R.A-Story
1.20: Picnic-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Picnic-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Picnic-Passage
  3. More on Picnic-Passage
1.21: Hidden Treasure-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Hidden Treasure-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
1.22: Let Us Talk (Riddles)(Read and Guess)
  1. Let Us Talk (Riddles) (Read and Guess)
1.23: Riddles about Animals(reading /explanation/guess)
  1. Riddles about Animals(reading /explanation/guess)
1.24: The Clock (poem) (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. The Clock (poem) (reading /explanation/activities)
1.25: Tess Slid Down a Slide-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Tess Slid Down a Slide-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.26: Vintery, Mintery, Cuery, Corn-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Vintery,Mintery,Cuery, Corn-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.27: Colours-Rhyme (reading /explanation/rhyming words)
  1. Colours-Rhyme (reading /explanation/rhyming words)
1.28: Numbers-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Numbers-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.29: When you are happy-Song(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. When you are happy (Song) (Reading and sing with actions)
1.30: One, Two, Three, Four, Five-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. One,Two,Three, Four,Five-Poem(reading/explanation/activities)
1.31: Ding Dong Bell-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Ding Dong Bell-Poem
1.32: In a Shoe-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. In a Shoe-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.33: Mary Had a Little Lamb-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Mary Had a Little Lamb-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.34: Rain Rain Go Away-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Rain Rain Go Away-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.35: An Apple-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. An Apple-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.36: My Garden-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. My Garden-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
1.37: Village or City-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Village or City-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)