Physical and Chemical Changes

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Chapter 9: Physical and Chemical Changes (11 videos)   (Practice Test)
9.1: Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter  (Practice Test)
  1. Physical Properties of Matter
  2. Chemical Properties of Matter
9.2: Reversible and Non-reversible Changes
  1. Reversible And Irreversible Changes
9.3: Physical and Chemical Changes  (Practice Test)
  1. Physical Changes and Processes
  2. Chemical Changes and Processes
  3. Comparison Between Physical And Chemical Changes
9.4: Use of Hydrocarbons as Fuels
  1. Hydrocarbons
9.5: Useful and Harmful Effects of Fertilizers  (Practice Test)
  1. Physical and Chemical Properties of Fertilizers
  2. Environmental Hazards Related to Fertilizers Use
9.6: Changing of Vegetable Oil into Fat
  1. Changing of Vegetable Oil into Ghee
9.7: Manufacturing of Plastics
  1. Manufacturing of Plastics