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Chapter 11: Sound (35 videos)   (Practice Test)
11.1: Sound Waves  (Practice Test)
  1. How Sound is Produced and Travel
  2. More on How Sound is Produced and Travel
  3. Problem 1-More on How Sound is Produced and Travel
  4. Hearing of Sound
11.2: Longitudinal Nature of Sound
  1. Nature and Propagation of Sound
  2. The Mechanical Nature of Sound
  3. Problem 1-The Mechanical Nature of Sound
11.3: Characteristics of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. The Human Ear (Optional)
  2. Loudness of Sound
  3. How Amplitude is Related With Loudness1
  4. Pitch of Sound
  5. Problem 1- Pitch of Sound
  6. Quality of Sound
11.4: Intensity of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Sound Intensity and Sound Level
  2. More on Sound Intensity and Sound Level
  3. Problem 1- Sound Intensity and Sound Level
11.5: Music and Noise
  1. Noise Pollution
11.6: Reflection of Sound
  1. Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  2. Problem1-Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  3. Problem2-Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  4. Problem 1-Measuring Speed of Sound by Echo Method
11.7: Speed of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Measuring Speed of Sound
  2. More on Measuring Speed of Sound
  3. Problem 1-Measuring The Speed of Sound
  4. Problem 2-Measuring The Speed of Sound
11.8: Audible Frequency Range
  1. Audible Frequency Range
  2. Problem 1-Audibility
  3. Problem 1-Audible Frequency Range
  4. Problem 2-Audible Frequency Range
11.9: Ultrasound and its Applications
  1. Ultrasounds and its Applications
  2. Problem 1-Ultrasound and Its Applications
  3. Problem 2-Ultrasound and its Applications
11.10: Acoustics and its Importance  (Practice Test)
  1. Acoustics
  2. More on Acoustics
  3. Uses of Echoes