Higher Order Derivatives and Applications

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Chapter 4: Higher Order Derivatives and Applications (50 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Higher Order Derivatives  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  2. Problem1-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  3. Problem2-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  4. Problem3-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  5. Problem4-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  6. Problem5-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  7. Find the Second Derivatives of Implicit & Inverse Trigonometric Funct
  8. Use MAPLE Command Diff Repeatedly to Find the Higher Derivatives
4.2: Maclaurin's and Taylor's Expansions  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Maclaurin's Theorem
  2. More on Maclaurin's Theorem
  3. Problem1-Introducing Maclaurin's Theorem
  4. Problem2-Introducing Maclaurin's Theorem
  5. Tailor's Theorem
  6. Taylor Series Expension of Cosx
  7. More on Tailor's Theorem
  8. Problem1a-Tailor's Theorem
  9. Problem1b-Tailor's Theorem
  10. Problem2-Tailor's Theorem
  11. Maple Command for Maclaurin's and Taylor's Expansions
4.3: Applications of Derivatives  (Practice Test)
  1. Geometrical Interpretation of a Derivative
  2. More on Geometrical Interpretation of Derivative
  3. Equation of Tangent Line to Parabola at Given Point
  4. More on Equation of Tangent Line to Parabola at Given Point
  5. Problem-Equation of Tangent Line to Parabola at Given Point
  6. Equation of Normal Line to Parabola at Given Point
  7. Problem1-Equation of Normal Line to Parabola at Given Point
  8. Intersection of Two Conics
  9. More on Intersection of Two Conics
  10. Problem1a-Intersection of Two Conics
  11. Problem1b-Intersection of Two Conics
  12. Angle of Intersection of Two Curves
  13. Find the point on a Curve where the Tangent is Parallel to the Given
4.4: Maxima and Minima  (Practice Test)
  1. Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  2. More on Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  3. Problem1-Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  4. Introducing Relative Extrema
  5. Problem1-Introducing Relative Extrema
  6. Relative Maxima and Minima
  7. Problem1-Relative Maxima and Minima
  8. Problem2-Relative Maxima and Minima
  9. Critical Values and Critical Points
  10. Point of Inflexion
  11. Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  12. More on Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  13. Problem Solving-Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  14. Differential-Maxima and Minima Problems
  15. Problem1a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  16. Problem2a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  17. Problem3a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  18. Problem3b-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  19. Use MAPLE Command maximize to Compute Maximum Value of a Function