Investigating Electricity And Magnetism

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Chapter 9: Investigating Electricity And Magnetism (10 videos)   (Practice Test)
9.1: Conductors And Insulators
  1. Conductors and Insulators
9.2: Simple Electric Circuit
  1. Electric Current
9.3: Switch
  1. Electric Circuit and Its Components
9.4: Magnet
  1. Magnet
  2. Permanent and Temporary Magnets
9.5: Magnetic And Non-Magnetic Materials
  1. Magnetic and Non- Magnetic Materials
9.6: Poles Of Magnet
  1. Magnet
  2. What is a Magnet and Magnetic Field?
9.7: Uses Of Magnet
  1. Uses of Magnets
9.8: Methids Of Magnetizing Materials
  1. How Can Materials Be Magnetized and De-magnetized?