Food And Health

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Chapter 3: Food And Health (10 videos)   (Practice Test)
3.1: Sources of Common Food
  1. Food and energy
3.2: Major Food Groups
  1. Main Groups of Food and their Chemical Components
3.3: Food Pyramid
  1. Food Pyramids
3.4: Balanced and Unbalanced Diet
  1. Balanced Diet and Its Importance
3.5: Selection of A Balanced Diet
  1. Balanced Diet and Its Importance
3.6: Effects Of Unbalanced Diet On Health
  1. Hazards of Eating Unhealthy Food
3.7: Hygiene And Its Principles
  1. Things we Should Use to Stay Clean (toothbrush etc)
  2. Cleanliness (passage about Sara)
  3. Ways of Cleanliness
  4. Importance of Playing Games and Exercise for Better Health