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Chapter 2: Microsoft Word (24 videos)   (Practice Test)
2.1: Launch MS Word
  1. What is Word Processing
  2. Simple Word Processor
2.2: Introduction to Word Interface
  1. Word Window overview
2.3: Working with file menu
  1. Manage a word document
2.4: Save Word file
  1. Saving a Word Document
2.5: Page setup and how it can be used
  1. Page Formatting: Orientation, size and columns
  2. Page Formatting: Border and color
  3. Page Formatting: Insert cover and blank page
2.6: Working with Print Command
  1. printing the document
2.7: Cut, Copy, Past , Undo , Redo Command
  1. Editing text: Cut, Copy, paste and delete
2.8: Page layout in Microsoft word
  1. Design , Layout, Reference and Review Tab in MS Word
2.9: Find and Replace in Microsooft Word
  1. Searching for and Replacing Characters
2.10: Header and Footer. Head note and Foot note
  1. Insert header, footer and page number
2.11: Date and time, Autotext Command
  1. Insert current date and time and count words in MS Word
  2. Auto Text and Auto Complete
2.12: Hyper link and Cross Reference
  1. Use of Hyperlink
2.13: Word Art and Autoshapes
  1. Insert/Position image and clip art
2.14: Paragraph bullet and numbering
  1. Paragraph Formatting: Alignment and indent
  2. Paragraph Formatting: Border, Shading and spacing
2.15: Spelling, Grammer and Word count
  1. Searching for and Replacing Characters
2.16: Insert tables, Adding rows and columns
  1. Insert and delete word art
  2. Insert table, add/delete row and column
2.17: Help Menu and Shortcut Keys
  1. Shortcut Keys 2 in MS Word
  2. Shortcut Keys 3 in MS Word