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Chapter 8: Word Processing (43 videos)   (Practice Test)
8.1: Features of Word Processor
  1. What is Word Processing
  2. Simple Word Processor
  3. Word Window overview
8.2: Working with Microsoft Word  (Practice Test)
  1. Design , Layout, Reference and Review Tab in MS Word
  2. Manage a word document
  3. Editing text: Inserting and selecting
  4. Editing text: Cut, Copy, paste and delete
  5. Insert current date and time and count words in MS Word
  6. Inserting symbols in a document
  7. Use of Equation Editor: Write equation
  8. Text Formatting: Font size, style and color
  9. Text Formatting: Modify text and text case
  10. Paragraph Formatting: Alignment and indent
  11. Paragraph Formatting: Border, Shading and spacing
  12. Page Formatting: Orientation, size and columns
  13. Page Formatting: Border and color
  14. Page Formatting: Insert cover and blank page
  15. Insert page break and section break
  16. Insert header, footer and page number
  17. Insert/Position image and clip art
  18. Insert and delete word art
  19. Insert table, add/delete row and column
  20. Resize rows and columns
  21. Border settings in tables
  22. Shading settings in tables
  23. Merge and split cells in tables
  24. Saving a Word Document
  25. printing the document
  26. Searching for and Replacing Characters
  27. Spell checking and thesauras
  28. Use of Hyperlink
  29. Auto Text and Auto Complete
  30. Foot Notes and End Notes in MS Word
  31. Table of Contents and Index Generation
  32. Mail Merge
  33. Macros
  34. Desktop Publishing in MS word
  35. Popular Word Processing Packages
  36. Using Clipboard
  37. Using Text Boxes
  38. Smart Lookup and Zoom Text in MS Word
8.3: Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word
  1. Shortcut Keys 2 in MS Word
  2. Shortcut Keys 3 in MS Word