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Chapter 18: The Atomic Spectra (27 videos)

18.1: The Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom
1. Atomic Spectra
2. More on Atomic Spectra
3. More on Atomic Spectra
18.2: Bohr's Model of The Hydrogen Atom
1. Bohr's Model of the Hydrogen Atom
2. Problem-Bohr's Model of the Hydrogen Atom
3. De-Broglie's Interpretation of Bohr's Orbits
4. Quantized Radii
5. More on Quantized Radii
6. Problem-Quantized Radii
7. Quantized Energies
8. More on Quantized Energies
9. Problem-Quantized Energies
10. Hydrogen Emission Spectrum
18.3: Excitation and Ionization Potentail
1. Excitation and Ionization Potential
2. more on Excitation and Ionization Potential
18.4: X - Ray Spectra
1. Inner Shell Transitions and Characteristic X-Rays
2. Production of X-Rays
3. More on Production of X-Rays
4. Problem-Production of X-Rays
18.5: X - Ray Contnious Spectra or X - Ray Bremsstrahlung
1. The Continuous X-Ray Spectrum
18.6: Introduction to Lasers
1. Laser
2. More on Laser
18.7: The Laser Principle
1. Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission
2. Population Inversion and Laser Action
3. More on Population Inversion and Laser Action
18.8: Operation of Ruby Laser
1. Ruby Laser
18.9: Applications of Laser
1. Uses of laser in medicine and industry

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