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Sindh Board > 12th > Physics (Total Videos: 394)

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Chapter 17: Advent of Modern Physics (56 videos)
17.1: Frames of Reference
  1. Frames of Reference
17.2: Inertial Reference Frame
  1. Inertial Reference Frame
17.3: Frames of Reference in Uniform Relative Motion
  1. Frames of Reference in Uniform Relative Motion DEMO
  2. More on Frames of Reference in Uniform Relative Motion
  3. More on Frames of Reference in Uniform Relative Motion
17.4: The Principle of Relativity
  1. Special Theory of Relativity
17.5: Postulates of Special Theory of Relativity
  1. More on Special Theory of Relativity
17.6: Consequences of Special Theory of Relativity
  1. Time Dilation DEMO
  2. Problem-Time Dilation
  3. Length Contraction
  4. Problem-Length Contraction
  5. Mass Variation
  6. Problem-Mass Variation
  7. Mass energy relation
  8. Problem-Energy - Mass Relation
17.7: Black Body Radiation and Quantum Theory
  1. Black Body Radiation DEMO
  2. 1-More on Black-Body Radiation
  3. 2-More on Black-Body Radiation
  4. Problem1-Black Body Radiation
  5. Problem2-Black Body Radiation
17.8: Planck's Law - Quantum Theory
  1. Planck's Assumption
  2. More on Planck's Assumption
  3. Problem-Planck's Assumption
17.9: The Photon
  1. The Photon
  2. More on The Photon
  3. Problem-The Photon
17.10: The Photo Electric Effect
  1. Photoelectric Effect DEMO
  2. More on Photoelectric effect
  3. 2-More on Photoelectric Effect
  4. 3-More on Photoelectric Effect
  5. Problem-Photoelectric Effect
17.11: Einstein's Explanation of Photo Electric Effect on The Basis of Quantum Theory
  1. Explanation on the Basis of Quantum Theory
  2. More on Explanation on the Basis of Quantum Theory
  3. Problem-Explanation on the Basis of Quantum Theory
17.12: Photo Cell and Their Uses
  1. Photocell
  2. More on Photocell
17.13: The Compton Effect
  1. Compton Effect DEMO
  2. 1-More on Compton Effect
  3. 2-More on Compton Effect
  4. Problem-Compton Effect
17.14: Pair Production and Annhilation of Matter
  1. Pair Production DEMO
  2. More on Pair Production
  3. Problem-Pair Production
  4. Annihilation of Matter
17.15: The Wave Nature of Particles and De - Broglie Hypothesis
  1. Wave Nature of Particles
  2. More on Wave Nature of Particles
17.16: The Davisson and Germer Experiment
  1. Davisson and Germer Experiment
  2. More on Davisson and Germer Experiment
  3. Problem-Davisson and Germer Experiment
17.17: Wave Particle Duality
  1. Wave Particle Duality
  2. More on Wave Particle Duality
17.18: The Uncertainty Principle
  1. Uncertainty Principle DEMO
  2. 1-More on Uncertainty Principle
  3. 2-More on Uncertainty Principle
  4. Problem1-Uncertainty Principle
  5. Problem2-Uncertainty Principle

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