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Chapter 2: Rational Numbers (31 videos)

2.1: Rational Numbers
1. Introduction to Rational Numbers
2. Problem-Concept of Rational Numbers
2.2: Irrational Numbers
1. Introduction to Irrational Numbers
2. Problem-Concept of Irrational Numbers
2.3: Properties of Rational Numbers
1. Closure Law of Rational Numbers
2. Closure law of Rational Numbers Subtraction and Division
3. Problem-Closure Property w.r.t Addition
4. Commutative Law
5. Commutative law under Subtration and Division
6. Associative Law
7. Associative law of Subtraction and Division
8. Additive Identity
9. Problem-Additive Identity
10. Multiplicative Identity & Inverse
11. Problem-Multiplicative Identity and Multiplicative Inverse
12. Distributive Law
13. Problem-Distributive Property of Multiplication Over Addition
14. Distributive Property of Multiplication over Subtraction
15. Problem-Distributive Property of Multiplication Over Subtraction
2.4: Properties of Equality of Rational Numbers
1. Additive Property of Equality
2. Multiplicative Property of Equality
3. Problem-Additive and Multiplicative Property of Equality
4. Reflexive And Symmetric Property of Equality
5. Problem-Reflexive-Symmetric-Transitive Property
6. Cancellation Property of Equality
7. Problem-Cancellation Property w.r.t Addition and Multiplication
2.5: Properties of Inequality of Rational Numbers
1. Trichotomy Property of Inequality
2. Problem-Trichotomy-Archimedean-Transitive Property
3. Additive Property of Equality
4. Multiplicative Property of Equality
5. Problem-Additive and Multiplicative Property

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