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Sindh Board > 9th > General Science (Total Videos: 324)
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Chapter 9: Basic electronics (28 videos)

9.1: Basic Working Principle Of Semiconductors
1. Introduction to Semi-conductor
2. Doping
3. n-type Substances
4. p-type Substances
5. Forward Biased p-n Junction
6. Reverse Biased p-n Junction
7. Diode as a Rectifier
8. Light Emitting Diode
9. More on Light Emitting Diode
10. Photo Diode
11. More on Photo Diode
9.2: Radio System, Television, Cable And satellite
1. Transmission of Radio waves Through Space
2. Radio
3. Television
4. Cable television and satellite television
5. Analogue computer and digital computer
9.3: Computers, Microprocessors, Their Importance and Uses In Different Fields
1. Introduction to Computer
2. More on Introduction to Computer
3. Information Storage Devices
4. More on Information Storage Devices
5. Uses of Internet and Email
6. Analogue and digital converters
9.4: Information technology And Communication systems
1. Communicating Information
2. Telephone
3. Introduction to Cell Phone
4. Introduction to Fax Machine
5. Telex machine
6. Communication systems

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