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Chapter 10: Science and technology (22 videos)  (Practice Test)
10.1: Description of The Advancement of science and technology
  1. (No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
10.2: Functions of Lasers, Fibre optics, Satellites and radars  (Practice Test)
  1. Laser
  2. More on Laser
  3. Uses of laser in medicine and industry
  4. Introduction to Fibre Optics
  5. Communication Via Satellite
  6. Radar
10.3: Introdution of Radioactivity Radio Isotopes And Their Uses  (Practice Test)
  1. Radioactivity
  2. Nature and Properties of Radiations
  3. Isotopes and Isobars
  4. 1-More on Isotopes and Isobars
  5. 2-More on Isotopes and Isobars
  6. Radio Isotopes
  7. Uses of Radioactive Materials
  8. Protection from radiation
10.4: X-rays, Ultrasound, (ECG), (EEG), (MRI), CAT - Scanner And Angiography  (Practice Test)
  1. Properties of X-Rays
  2. More on Properties of X-Rays
  3. Uses of X-Ray
  4. Ultrasounds and its Applications
  5. Electrocardiography(ECG)
  6. Electroencephalography(EEG)
  7. Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI)
  8. CAT - Scanner
10.5: Some Important Industries of Pakistan
  1. (No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)

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