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Chapter 4: Two/Three Letter Blends with Sounds/Sight Words (15 videos)

4.1: Two Letter Blends-at,ig,ut,en,ed,ub,um,un,op,ot etc
1. Two Letter Blends with Letter-a (a+t = at etc)
2. Two Letter Blends with Letter-e (e+n = en etc)
3. Two Letter Blends with Letter-i (i+g = ig etc)
4. Two Letter Blends with Letter-o (o+t = ot etc)
5. Two Letter Blends with Letter-u (u+n = un etc)
4.2: Listen, Say and Circle the Sight Words (I, am, at, have etc)
1. Sight Words-am, an, etc
2. Sight Words-get, give, etc
3. Sight Words-has, have, etc
4. Sight Words-I, in, is, etc
5. Sight Words-no, not, of, etc
6. Sight Words-that, the, etc
4.3: Letter Blends with Sounds (three letter words:cat,big,hog,hug etc)
1. Three Letter Blends-cat, bat, etc
2. Three Letter Blends-big, fin, etc
3. Three Letter Blends-dog, hog, etc
4. Three Letter Blends-bug, hug, etc

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