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Chapter 5: Life Skills Bravery (12 videos)
5.1: Brave Arifa
  1. Brave Arifa-Story (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Brave Arifa-Story
  3. Brave Arifa Questions & Answers (write answers)
  4. More on Brave Arifa Questions & Answers
5.2: A Passage about Mr.&Mrs.Hali (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. A Passage about Mr.&Mrs.Hali (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Passage about Rafi Hali
5.3: Q&A about Calendar (writing answers)
  1. Q&A about Calendar (writing answers)
5.4: Days of the Week
  1. Days of the Week (names and order)
  2. Exercise-Days of the Week
5.5: Ordinal Numbers 1st to 10th (order/explanation/activities)
  1. Ordinal Numbers 1st to 10th (order/explanation/activities)
5.6: One, Two, Three, Four, Five-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. One,Two,Three, Four,Five-Poem(reading/explanation/activities)
5.7: Numbers in Words from One to Ten
  1. Numbers 1-10 (digits/words/tracing with pictures)

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