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Chapter 5: Chemical Bonding (22 videos)

5.1: Introduction
1. Chemical Bond
5.2: Formation of Chemical Bond
1. Why Do Atoms Form Chemical Bond?
5.3: Types of Chemical Bond
1. Why Do Atoms Form Chemical Bond?
5.4: Ionic Bond or Electrovalent Bond
1. Ionic Bond
2. Properties of Ionic Compound
5.5: Covalent Bond
1. Covalent Bond
2. Types of Covalent Bonds
3. Single Covalent Bond
4. Double Covalent Bond
5. Triple Covalent Bond
6. Properties of Covalent Compound
7. Electronegativity
8. Non polar Covalent Bond
9. Polar Covalent Bond
10. Classify Bonds as Ionic or Covalent
11. Drawing Lewis Dot and Cross Structures
5.6: Co-Ordinate Covalent Bond or Dative Covalent Bond
1. Dative Covalent Bond or Co-ordinate Covalent Bond
5.7: Metallic Bonding
1. Metallic Bond
2. Properties of Metals
5.8: Inter-Molecular Forces (Vander Waal's Forces)
1. Intermolecular Forces
2. Dipole-Dipole Interactions
3. Hydrogen Bonding

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