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Chapter 3: Atomic Structure (19 videos)

3.1: Introduction
1. Dalton's Atomic Theory
3.2: Discovery of Electrons
1. Discovery of Electron(Cathode rays)
2. Properties of Cathode rays
3. Discovery of Proton
4. Properties of positive rays
5. Discovery of Neutron
6. Properties of Neutron
7. Concept of Radioactivity
8. Nature of Radioactivity
3.3: Rutherford Atomic Model
1. Rutherford's Atomic Model
2. Advantages and Defects in Rutherford's Atomic Model
3. Bohr's Atomic Theory
3.4: Atomic Number (Z) and Mass Number (A)
1. Atomic Number and Mass Number
2. Isotopes
3. Uses of Isotopes
3.5: Electronic Configuration Based on Bohr's Model
1. Electronic configuration
2. More on Electronic configuration
3. Give Name and Symbol for the Elements
4. Electronic Configuration of Different Species

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