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Chapter 2: Chemical Combinations (37 videos)

2.1: Law of Chemical Combinations
1. Introduction to Laws of Chemical Combinations
2. Law of Conservation of Mass
3. Law of Definite(Fixed) Proportion
4. Law of Multiple Proportion
5. Law of Reciprocal Proportion
2.2: Atomic Mass
1. Relative atomic mass and Atomic mass unit
2. Chemical Formula
3. Calculating the Average Atomic Mass
4. Empirical formula
5. Empirical formula-covalent and ionic compound
6. Molecular formula
7. Molecular mass
8. Formula mass
9. Determining Molar Mass and Empirical Formula of Compounds
2.3: Mole
1. Mole
2. Avagadro's Number
3. Mole-Mass Calculations
4. Calculating Moles from Mass
5. Calculating Mass from Moles
6. Mole-Particle Calculations
7. Calculating Mass in Grams and Moles
8. Calculating Mass in Grams of a Single Atom
9. Calculating Number of Ions in the Compounds
10. Calculating Number of Particles from Mass
11. Calculating Mass and Moles of an Element from a Compound
2.4: Chemical Reaction or Chemical Change
1. Chemical Reactions or Chemical Change
2. Decomposition Reactions
3. Addition or Combination Reactions
4. Single Displacement Reactions
5. Double Displacement Reactions
6. Combustion Reaction
7. Chemical Equation and Writing of Chemical Equation
8. Balancing of Chemical Equation
9. Concept of Mole-Ratio Based on Balanced Chemical Equation
10. Calculating the Amount of Reactant
11. Calculating the Amount of Product
12. Balancing the Equations and Identifying Types of Reaction

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