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Sindh Board > 9th > Chemistry (Total Videos: 528)

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Chapter 11: Hydrogen and Water (40 videos)
11.1: Hydrogen
  1. Occurrence of Hydrogen DEMO
  2. Preparation of Hydrogen by Steam-Coke Process
  3. Preparation of Hydrogen by Thermal Decomposition
  4. Preparation of Hydrogen by Electrolysis
  5. Physical Properties of Hydrogen
  6. Decomposition of Molecular Hydrogen
  7. Hydrogen as a Reducing Agent
  8. Hydrogenation Reactions
  9. Reaction of Hydrogen with Metals
  10. Reaction of Hydrogen with Non-Metals
  11. Uses of Hydrogen
  12. Nascent Hydrogen
  13. Isotopes of Hydrogen
11.2: Water
  1. Introduction to Water DEMO
  2. Anamolous Behaviour of Water
  3. More on Anamolous Behaviour of Water
  4. Chemical Reaction of Water with Metals
  5. Chemical Reaction of Water with Less Electropositive Metals
  6. Chemical Reaction of Water with Non Metals
  7. Chemical Reaction of Water with Calcium Oxide
  8. Chemical Reaction of Water with Nitrous Oxide
11.3: Water as a Universal Solvent
  1. Water as Universal Solvent
  2. Water of Crystallization
11.4: Soft, Hard Water and Heavy Water
  1. Soft, Hard and Heavy Water DEMO
  2. Causes of Hardness
  3. Temporary Hardness
  4. Permanent Hardness
  5. Removal of Temporary Hardness By Heating
  6. Removal of Temporary Hardness By Clarks Method
  7. Removal of Permanent Hardness by Washing Soda
  8. Removal of Permanent Hardness By Caustic Soda
  9. Removal of Permanent Hardness by Using Zeolite
11.5: Hygroscopic Substances
  1. Hygroscopic Substances
11.6: Drinking Water
  1. Water pollutents,Oxygen-Demanding Or Industrial Effluents DEMO
  2. Water Pollutants - Synthetic Organic Compounds
  3. Disease-Causing Wastes(Domestic Effluents)
  4. Agricultural Water Pollutants
  5. Water borne Infectious Diseases
  6. More on Water borne Infectious Diseases
  7. Qualities of Drinking Water

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