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Chapter 7: Chemistry of Hydrocarbons (70 videos)

7.1: Open Chain and Closed Chain Hydrocarbons
1. Saturated Hydrocarbons
2. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
3. Alkanes
4. Alkenes
5. Alkynes
6. Types of Cylic Compounds
7.2: Chemistry of Methane
1. Physical Properties of Methane
2. Preparation of Methane
3. More on Preparation of Alkane
4. More on Preparation of Methane
5. Halogenations of Alkanes
6. Halogenation of Alkanes
7. More on Halogenation of Alkanes
8. Combustion of Alkanes
9. Uses of Methane and Ethane
7.3: Chemistry of Ethane
1. Preparation of Ethane
2. Preparation of Alkane
3. Addition of Hydrogen in Alkene
4. More on Addition of Hydrogen in Alkene
5. Reactions of Grignard Reagent with CNCl,Alcohols and CO2
6. Addition of Oxygen in Alkene
7.4: Chemistry of Ethene
1. Sp2 Hybridization
2. Preparation of Alkene
3. More on Preparation of Alkene
4. Dehydration of Alcohols
5. Dehydrohalogenation of Alkyl Halides
6. Dehalogenation of Vicinal Dihalides
7. Partial Hydrogenation of Alkynes
8. Physical properties of Alkenes
9. Hydrogenation of Alkenes
10. Halogenations of Alkenes
11. Addition of Halogens in Alkene
12. Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes
13. Addition of Sulphuric Acid in Alkene
14. Addition of Hypohalous Acid (HOX) in Alkene
15. Polymerisation of Alkenes
16. Reaction of Ethene with Water
17. Combustion and Polymerisation of Ethene
18. Oxidation of Alkenes
19. Hydroxylation of Alkene
20. Uses of Ethene
21. Physical Properties of Ethene
7.5: Chemistry of Ethyne
1. Sp Hybridization
2. Preparation of Ethyne
3. Physical properties of Alkynes
4. Hydrogenation of Ethyne
5. Addition Reaction of Halogens
6. Hydrohalogenation of Ethyne
7. Hydrogenation of Alkenes
8. Addition of Ammonia and Hydrogen Cyanide in Alkynes
9. Addition of Water in Alkynes
10. Oxidation Reactions in Alkynes
11. Acidic Nature of Alkynes
12. Uses of Acetylene
7.6: Benzene
1. Benzene,Molecular Formula
2. Preparation of Benzene from cyclohexane and Acetylene
3. Preparation of Benzene from Alkanes
4. Preparation of Benzene in the Laboratory
5. Physical Properties of Benzene
6. Structure of Benzene
7.7: Molecular Orbital Treatment of Benzene
1. The Stability of Benzene
2. Halogenation of Benzene
3. Nitration of Benzene
4. Sulphonation of Benzene
5. Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Alkylation
6. Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Acylation
7. Halogenation of Benzene in the Presence of Light
8. Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene
9. ortho and para Directing Groups
10. Meta-Directing Groups

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