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Chapter 2: Hydrogen (12 videos)

2.1: Introduction
1. Occurrence of Hydrogen
2.2: Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table
1. Position of Hydrogen
2. More on Position of Hydrogen
2.3: Industrial Preparations of Hydrogen
1. Preparation of Hydrogen by Electrolysis
2. Preparation of Hydrogen by Steam-Coke Process
3. Preparation of Hydrogen From Natural Gas
4. Preparation of Hydrogen by Thermal Decomposition
5. Decomposition of Ammonia
2.4: Atomic Hydrogen
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
2.5: Binary Compounds of Hydrogen
1. Hydrides
2. Covalent Hydrides
3. More on Hydrides
2.6: Isotopes of Hydrogen
1. Isotopes of Hydrogen

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