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Chapter 1: Periodic Classification (10 videos)

1.1: Introduction
1. Introduction to Periodic Law And Periodic Table
1.2: Dobereiner's Triads
1. Dobereiner's Triads Classification
1.3: Newland's Law of Octaves
1. Newland's Octaves Law
1.4: Lothar Meyer's Classification
1. Lother Meyer's Classification
1.5: Mendeleev's Periodic Table and Periodic Law
1. Mendeleev's Periodic table
2. Advantages of Mendeleev's Periodic Table
1.6: Modern Periodic Law- Modern Periodic Table
1. Modern Periodic Table
1.7: Classification and Long Form of Periodic Table
1. Groups in Modern Periodic Table
2. Periods in Modern Periodic Table
1.8: Types of Elements Based on Electronic Configuration
1. Chemical Families

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