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Chapter 8: Introduction to Chemical Kinetics (14 videos)

8.1: Rate and Velocity of Reaction
1. Rate of Chemical Change
2. Measuring the Speed of Reaction with the Help of a Graph
8.2: Rate Constant and Rate Expression
1. Specific Rate Constant or Velocity Constant
2. Order of Reaction
3. Examples of Reactions Showing Different Orders
8.3: Types of Reaction Based on Reaction Velocity
1. Rate of Chemical Change
2. Activation Energy
3. More on Activation Energy
8.4: Determination of Rate of Reaction
1. Determination of the Rate of a Chemical Reaction
2. Physical Methods, Spectrometry and Electrical Conductivity
3. Dialatometric, Refractrometric and Optical Rotation Method
4. Chemical Method
8.5: Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction
1. Factors Affecting Rates Of Reactions, Nature of Reactants
2. Effect of Concentration on Speed of Reaction

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