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Chapter 1: Introduction to Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry (59 videos)  (Practice Test)
1.1: Introduction
  1. Chemistry
1.2: Significant Figures  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Significant Figures
  2. Rules to Find the Significant Digits in a Measurement
  3. Zero as Significant Figure
  4. Rounding Off the Numbers
  5. Rounding Off the Numbers (continued)
  6. Addition and Subtraction of Significant Figures
  7. Introduction to Scientific Notation
1.3: Use of Exponents   (Practice Test)
  1. Logarithm Definition
  2. Characteristic & Mantissa of Logarithm
  3. How to Find Characteristic of Given Number
  4. Finding Mantissa of Number by Log Table
  5. Introduction to Anti-Logarithms
  6. Common Logarithm
  7. Product Law of Logarithm
  8. Power Law of Logarithm
  9. Quotient Law of Logarithm
  10. Applications of Logarithm Laws in Calculations
1.4: Error and Deviation  (Practice Test)
  1. Errors and Uncertainty in Measurement
  2. Relative Atomic Mass in Grams
  3. Relative Molecular Mass (Mr)
  4. Formula mass
  5. Atomic Number and Mass Number
  6. Relative atomic mass and Atomic mass unit
  7. Average Atomic Masses
1.5: Empirical Formula  (Practice Test)
  1. Empirical formula
  2. The Empirical Formula from the Percentage Composition
1.6: Molecular Formula  (Practice Test)
  1. Molecular formula
  2. More on Molecular Formula
  3. Empirical formula-covalent and ionic compound
  4. The Empirical Formula from the Percentage Composition
  5. Calculating Percentage Composition
  6. Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis
  7. Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis (continued)
  8. Calculating Empirical & Molecular Formula
  9. Calculating Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis
  10. Determining Empirical Formula of a Compound
1.7: Mole and Avagado's Number  (Practice Test)
  1. Avagadro's Number
  2. More on Avogadro's Number
  3. Mole
  4. More on Concept of Mole
  5. Mole-Mass Calculations
1.8: Calculations Based on Chemical Equations  (Practice Test)
  1. Stoichiometry
  2. Mole-Mass Calculations
  3. Calculating Moles from Mass
  4. Calculating Mass from Moles
  5. Calculating Mass in Grams and Moles
  6. Mole-Particle Calculations
  7. More on Mole-Particle Calculations
  8. Calculating Mass in Grams of a Single Atom
  9. Calculating Number of Ions in the Compounds
  10. Calculating Number of Particles from Mass
  11. Calculating Mass and Moles of an Element from a Compound
1.9: Limiting Reactant  (Practice Test)
  1. Limiting Reactants
  2. Importance of Limiting Reactants
  3. More on Importance of Limiting Reactants
  4. Calculating Limiting and Excess Reactants

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