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Chapter 10: Evolution (16 videos)

10.1: Theories of Evolution
1. Concept of Evolution VS Special Creation
2. Theory of Natural Selection
3. Larmarckism
4. Inheritance of Acquired Charateristics
5. Objections on Lamarckian Theory
6. Weismann's Theory
7. More on Theory of Natural Selection
8. Species, Origin of Specie
10.2: Evidences in Favour of Organic Evolution
1. Eviednces from Comparative Anatomy
2. Comparative Embryology and Molecular Biology
10.3: Importance of Natural Selection as a Possible Mecanism for Evolution
1. Theory of Natural Selection
10.4: Artificial Selection and Its Role
1. Artificial Selection
10.5: Gene Frequencies and Their Role in Evolution
1. Gene Frequencies and Their Role in Evolution
2. Hardy-Weinberg Theorem
3. More on Hardy-Weinberg Theorem
10.6: Endangered Species
1. Endangered Species

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