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Chapter 11: Bioenergenetics (46 videos)

11.1: Need for Energy in Living Organisms
1. Need for Energy in Living Organisms
2. Role of ATP as Energy Currency
11.2: Photosynthesis
1. Comparison of Photosynthesis and Respiration
2. Photosynthesis
3. Ultrstructure of Plant Cell
4. Animal and Plant Cells Common Features
5. Role of Chlorophyll and Light
6. Role of Chlorophyll and Light
7. Role of Photosynthetic Pigments, Carotenoids
8. Chlorophyll , Chemical Structure of Chlorophyll
9. More on Leaf Structure and Function
10. Mesophyll tissues in Leaf
11. Intake of Carbon Dioxide and Water by Plants
12. Role of Carbon Dioxide and Water in Photosynthesis
13. Water and Photosynthesis
11.3: Process of Photosynthesis
1. Mechanism of Photosynthesis
2. More on Photosynthesis
3. Mechanisim of Photosynthesis
4. The Energy Transfer Process
5. Light Reaction
6. More on Light Reaction
7. Cyclic Phosphorylation
8. Noncyclic Phosphorylation
9. Dark Reaction
10. Synthesis of ATP, Chemiosmosis
11. More onDark Reaction
12. Alternative Mechanisms of Carbon Fixation
13. Malic Acid, C4 plants with Kranz Anatomy
14. CAM plants
11.4: Cellular Respiration
1. Respiration
2. Types of Anaerobic Respiration (Fermentation)
3. Fermentation
4. Types of Fermentation
5. Importance of Fermentation
6. Aerobic Respiration
7. Mitochondria Convert Energy
8. Oxidation Phosphorylation
9. Mechanism of Respiration, Glycolysis
10. Oxidation of Pyruvic Acid and Krebs Cycle
11. Respiratory chain
11.5: Energy Flow through the Ecosystem
1. Energy Flow in Food chain
2. Unidirectional Energy Flow
3. Pyramids of Energy
4. Trophic Levels
5. Efficiency of Energy Flow and its Significance
6. Advantages of Short Food Chains

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