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Chapter 1: Operations on Sets (34 videos)  (Practice Test)
1.1: Sets  (Practice Test)
  1. Set Definition
  2. Problem-Introduction to Set
  3. Definition & Notation of Some Important Sets
  4. Problem-Some Important Sets
  5. Subset and Superset of a Set
  6. Problem-Subset and Superset of a Set
  7. Proper Subset & Improper Subset
  8. Problem 1: Proper Subset & Improper Subset
  9. Problem-Finding Subsets of a Set
  10. Power Set
  11. Problem-Concept of Power Set
1.2: Operations on Sets  (Practice Test)
  1. Commutative Property of Union
  2. Problem-Commutative Property of Union of Sets
  3. Commutativity of Intersection
  4. Problem-Commutative Property of Intersection of Sets
  5. Associative Property of Union of Sets
  6. Problem-Associative Property of Union of Sets
  7. Associative Property of Intersection of Sets
  8. Problem-Associative Property of Intersection of Sets
  9. Distributive Property of Union Over Intersection
  10. Problem-Distributive Law of Union Over Intersection
  11. Distributive property of Intersection over Union
  12. Problem-Distributive Law of Intersection Over Union
  13. Demorgan Law 1
  14. Problem-Complement of Union Equals Intersection of Complements
  15. Demorgan Law 2
  16. Problem-Complement of Intersection Equals Union of Complements
1.3: Venn Diagram  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Venn Diagrams
  2. Problem-Introduction to Venn Diagram
  3. Union Associativity for Overlapping Sets
  4. Problem-Associative Law of Union Through Venn Diagram
  5. Intersection Associativity for Overlapping Sets
  6. Distributivity of Union Over Intersection of Sets
  7. Distributivity of Intersection Over Union of Sets

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