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Chapter 7: Energy (27 videos)

7.1: Work and Energy
1. Introduction to Work
2. More on Introduction to Work
3. Introduction to Energy
7.2: Different forms of energy
1. Problem on Law of Conservation of Energy
2. Potential Energy
3. Forms of Energy
4. Nuclear Energy and Electrical Energy
7.3: Interconversion of energy
1. Interconversion of Energy
7.4: Demands oF energy
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
7.5: Traditional methods of production of electricity
1. Hydroelectric power
2. Thermal power
3. Nuclear Reactor
4. 1-More on Nuclear Reactor
5. 2-More on Nuclear Reactor
6. Solar Energy
7. Energy from Waves
8. Energy from Tides
9. Geothermal Energy
10. Energy from Biomass
7.6: Measurement of energy
1. Electric Power
2. Kilowatt Hour
3. Electricity meter and measuring Natural gas
7.7: Energy and Environment
1. Energy and Environment
2. Nutrient and Thermal Water Pollution
7.8: Degradation of Environment
1. Control of Pollution
7.9: Nuclear Fuel Hazards
1. Biological effects of radiation
2. More on Biological effects of radiation
3. Protection from radiation
7.10: Energy conservation
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)

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