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Chapter 5: Diseases-Causes and Prevention (27 videos)

5.1: Diseases and their Causes
1. Microorganisms
2. Viral Diseases
3. Small Pox, Mumps, Influenza
4. Structure of Influenza
5. Measles
6. Herpes
7. Poliomyelitis
8. Hepatitis A, B, C
9. Hepatitis D, E, F
10. Symtomps and Treatment of AIDS
11. Bacterial Diseases in Man
12. Bacillary Dysentery, Tetanus
13. Pulmonary Tuberculosis (T.B)
14. Round Worms
15. Diseases Caused by Pathogenic Worms, Thread Worms
5.2: Agents Spreading The Germs
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
5.3: Protection From Germs and Diseases
1. Control of Bacteria
2. Pasteurization, Refrigeration
3. Immunity, Immunology
4. Immunization and Vaccination
5.4: Smoking a Bad Habbit
1. Bad Effects of Smoking
5.5: Mental illness
1. Paralysis, Neurosis
2. Headache
5.6: Drugs and Their Effects
1. Paralysis and Epilepsy
2. Drug, Pharmaceutical Drug, Addictive Drugs
3. Synthetic Drugs, Drugs from Plants and Fungi
4. Drugs from Animals, Minerals and Bacteria
5. Principle Usage of Important Medicinal Drugs

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