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Chapter 4: Group VA and Group VIA Elements (31 videos)

4.1: Group VA Elements Introduction
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
4.2: Nitrogen and its Compounds
1. Preparation and Properties of Dinitrogen Oxide
2. Nitric Oxide Preparation and Properties
3. Nitrogen Dioxide Preparation and Properties
4. Preparation of Nitric Acid in Industry
5. Physical Properties of Nitric Acid
6. Nitric Acid as an Acid
7. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Carbonates and Bicarbonates
8. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Non-Metals
9. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Metals & Metalloids
10. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Mg and Mn
11. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Cu, Ag and Hg
12. Reaction of conc. Nitric Acid with Metals
13. Reaction of Nitric Acid with Zn
14. Nitric Acid as Oxidizing Agent
15. Formation of Aqua Regia
16. Uses of Nitric Acids
4.3: Phosphorus and its Compounds
1. Allotropes of Phosphorus
2. Phosphorus Trichloride
3. Phosphorus Pentachloride
4. Phosphorus Trioxide
5. Phosphorus Pentoxide Preparatiopn and Properties
6. Phosphorus Acid Preparation & Properties
7. Orthophosphoric Acid
4.4: Group VIA Elements
1. General Characteristics of Group VIA Elements
2. Similarities and Differences Between Oxygen and Sulphur
4.5: Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)
1. Reactions of Sulphuric Acid
2. More on Reactions of Sulphuric Acid
3. Reactions of Sulphuric Acid as a Dehydrating Agent
4. Reactions of Sulphuric Acid as an Oxidizing Agent
5. Reactions of Sulphuric Acid With Gases, Benzene and Oxidizing Agents
6. Uses of Sulphuric Acid

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