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Chapter 3: Group III A and Group IVA Elements (14 videos)

3.1: Group IIIA Elements
1. Peculiar Behaviour of Boron
3.2: Compounds of Boron
1. Manufacture of Borax
2. Properties of Borax
3. Borax Bead Test
4. Preparation of Boric acid on Commercial Scale
5. Properties of Boric acid
3.3: Reactions of Aluminium
1. Reaction of Aluminium with Air
2. Reaction of Aluminium with Non-Metals
3. Reaction of Aluminium with Acids and Alkalies
4. Uses of Aluminium
3.4: Group IVA Elements
1. Occurrence of Carbon
2. Occurrence of Silicon
3.5: Compounds of carbon and Silicon
1. Oxides of Carbon
2. Silicones
3.6: Semiconductors
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
3.7: Uses of Lead Compounds in Paints
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)

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