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Chapter 15: Regression and Correlation Analysis (33 videos)

15.1: The Method of Least Square
1. Approximating Line by the Principle of Least Squares
2. Approximating Parabola by the Principle of Least Squares
3. Approxiamting Higher Degree Parabolic Curve and the Principle of Leas
4. Fitting a Parabola by Using Change of Origin and Unit
5. Exponential Curves
6. Geometric Curves
7. Finding Plausible Values by Least Square Method
15.2: Regression Analysis
1. Introducing Regression
2. Standard Deviation of Regression or Standard Error of Estimate
3. Coefficient of Determination
15.3: Correlation
1. Correlation
2. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient
3. Rank Correlation
4. Rank Correlation for tied Ranks
5. Correlation Coefficient for Grouped Data
15.4: Multiple Regression and Correlation
1. Introducing Multiple Regression
2. Problem-Introducing Multiple Regression
3. Coefficient of Multiple Determination and Multiple Correlation
4. Partial Correlation
15.5: Confodence interval in Regression Model
1. Confidence Interval Estimate of Population Regression Coefficient
2. Confidence Interval Estimate of Alpha, the Intercept of Regression Li
3. Confidence Interval Estimate of Mean Value for a Given Value of x
4. Prediction Interval of an Individual y Value for a Given Value of x
15.6: Hypothesis Testing in the Regression Model
1. Testing Hypothesis about Beta, the Population Regression Coefficient
2. Testing Hypothesis About Alpha, the Intercept of Population Regression
3. Testing Hypothesis About Equality of Regression Coefficient of Two Re
4. Testing Hypothesis About the Linearity of Regression
5. Hypothesis Testing About Correlation Coefficient
6. More on Hypothesis Testing About Correlation Coefficient
7. Testing Hypothesis About the Equality of Two Correlations
8. Testing Hypothesis About the Equality of Several Correlations
9. Testing Hypothesis About Partial Correlation
10. Testing Hypothesis that a Multiple Correlation Coefficient is Zero

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