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Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding (Physical Chemistry) (27 videos)

4.1: Electrovalent (ionic) bond
1. Kinetic Interpretation of Crystalline Solids
2. Structure of Sodium Chloride
4.2: 'dot-and-cross' diagrams
1. Bonding and Structure of Water
2. Dative Covalent Bond or Co-ordinate Covalent Bond
4.3: Valence Shell Electron-pair repulsion theory
1. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
2. Molecules Containing Two Electron Pairs (AB2 Type) and AB3 Type
3. AB4 Type With No Lone Pairs AB3E1 Type and AB2E2
4.4: Covalent bonding in terms of orbital overlap
1. Molecular Orbital Theory
2. Head on approach and sideways Approach
3. Strength of Sigma and Pi Bonds
4.5: Hydrogen Bonding
1. Hydrogen Bonding
4.6: Bond energy, bond length and bond polarity
1. Energetics of Bond Formation
2. Bond Energy
3. Bond Length
4. More on Bond Length
5. Dipole Moment
6. Dipole Moments and Molecular Structure; Percentage Ionic Character
7. Relative Energies of the Molecular Orbitals
8. Effect of Bonding on Reaction Kinetics
4.7: Intermolecular forces (Van der Waal's forces)
1. Intermolecular Forces
2. Dipole-Dipole Interactions
3. Dipole-Induced Dipole Forces
4. London Dispersion Forces
5. Factors Affecting the London Forces
4.8: Metallic bonding
1. Metallic Solids
2. Structure of Metals
4.9: The effect of different types of bonding on the physical properties of substanc
1. Effect of Bonding on Properties of Compounds

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