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Chapter 3: Atomic Structure (Physical Chemistry) (27 videos)

3.1: Proton, neutron and electron
1. Properties of Cathode rays
2. More on Properties of Cathode rays
3. Discovery of Proton
4. Properties of positive rays
5. Discovery of Neutron
6. Properties of Neutron
7. More on Properties of Neutron
8. Properties of Fundamenal Particles
3.2: The behaviour of protons neutrons and electrons in electric fields
1. Properties of Fundamenal Particles
3.3: Isotopes
1. Isotopes
2. More on Isotopes
3.4: Number and relative energies of the s, p and d orbitals
1. Arrangement of Electrons in an Atom
2. Electronic configuration
3. More on Electronic configuration
4. (n+l) Rule
5. The Relative Energies of Atomic Orbitals
3.5: The shapes of s and p orbitals
1. Shape of s-Orbitals
2. Shapes of p-Orbitals
3. Shapes of d-Orbitals
3.6: The electronic configuration of atoms and ions
1. Electronic configuration
2. More on Electronic configuration
3.7: Ionization energy
1. Ionization Energy
3.8: The factors influencing the ionization energies
1. Factors Influencing the Ionization Energies
2. Higher Ionization Energies
3.9: The trends in ionization energies
1. Ionization Energy Variation within a Group
2. Ionization Energy Variation Across a Period
3. Trend of Ionization Energy in Periodic Table

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