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Chapter 15: Hydrocarbons (Organic Chemistry) (18 videos)

15.1: Combustion
1. Combustion of Alkanes
15.2: Free radical substitution
1. Halogenation of Alkanes
2. More on Halogenation of Alkanes
15.3: Preparation of alkenes by elimination reactions
1. Preparation of Alkene
2. More on Preparation of Alkene
15.4: Reaction of Alkenes
1. Hydrogenation of Alkenes
2. Halogenations of Alkenes
3. Reaction of Ethene with Water
4. Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes
5. Oxidation of Alkenes
6. Combustion and Polymerisation of Ethene
15.5: Structure of benzene
1. X-Ray Studies of benzene Structure
2. The Stability of Benzene
15.6: Electrolphillic substitution reactions of benzene
1. Reactivity of Benzene Towards Electrophiles
2. Nitration of Benzene
3. Halogenation of Benzene
4. Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Alkylation
5. Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Acylation

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