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Chapter 14: Fundamental Principles (Organic Chemistry) (26 videos)

14.1: Classify the organic compounds
1. Classification of Organic Compound
2. Carbon Chains
3. Types of Acylic Compounds
4. Types of Cylic Compounds
5. Types of Carbon Atoms in a Compound
14.2: Types of bond fission
1. Homolytic and Heterolytic Fission
14.3: Isomerism; structural and cis-trans
1. Isomerism
2. Structural Isomerism
3. Position Isomerism
4. Functional group Isomerism
5. Metamerism
6. Tautomerism
7. Cis-trans Isomerism or Geometrical Isomerism
14.4: Condensed structural formula, displayed and skeletal formula
1. Molecular Formula of Organic Compound
2. Structural Formula
3. Condensed Formula
4. Electronic or Dot and Cross Formula
14.5: Nomenclature of organic compounds
1. Common and IUPAC names
2. Nomenclature of Alkyl Groups
3. Nomenclature of Alkanes
4. More on Nomenclature of Alkanes
5. Nomenclature of Cycloalkanes
6. Nomenclature of Alkenes
7. Nomenclature of Alkynes
8. Nomenclature of Alcohols
9. Nomenclature of Carboxylic Acids

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