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Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts (Physical Chemistry) (34 videos)

1.1: Relative atomic mass, Molecular and Formula masses
1. Relative atomic mass and Atomic mass unit
2. Average Atomic Masses
3. Relative Molecular Mass (Mr)
4. Formula mass
1.2: Mole and Avogadro’s constant
1. Avagadro's Number
2. More on Avogadro's Number
3. Mole
4. More on Concept of Mole
5. Mole-Mass Calculations
6. Calculating the Average Atomic Mass
7. Molar Gas Volume
8. Calculations of Molar Gas Volume
1.3: Mass spectrometric technique
1. Determination of Ar of Isotopes by Mass Spectrometry
2. More on Determination of Ar of Isotopes
1.4: Empirical and Molecular formulae
1. Empirical formula
2. Empirical formula-covalent and ionic compound
3. The Empirical Formula from the Percentage Composition
4. Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis
5. Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis (continued)
6. Molecular formula
7. More on Molecular Formula
8. Calculating Percentage Composition
9. Calculating Empirical Formula from Combustion Analysis
10. Determining Empirical Formula of a Compound
1.5: Stoichiometric calculations
1. Stoichiometry
2. Stoichiometric Calculations
3. Mole-Mass Calculations
4. Calculating Moles from Mass
5. Calculating Mass from Moles
6. Calculating Mass in Grams and Moles
7. Mole-Particle Calculations
8. More on Mole-Particle Calculations
9. Calculations Based on Balanced Chemical Equations
10. Calculating Limiting and Excess Reactants

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