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Chapter 8: Biotechnology (46 videos)

8.1: Recombinant DNA Technology
1. Genetic engineering
2. Scope and Importance of Biotechnology
3. Objectives and Basic Steps of Genetic Engineering
4. Recombinant DNA Technology
5. Advance Recombinant DNA Technology, How to Get a Gene
6. Recombinant DNA Technology Depends on Enzymes
7. Molecular Sciccor: Restriction Endonucleases
8. Molecular Carrier: Vector
9. More on Molecular Carrier: Vector
10. DNA Ligase and Expression System
11. Insulin production
12. Isolating the Insulin Gene
13. Selection of Genetically Modified Bacteria
14. Expression of the Recombinant DNA
15. Genomic Library
16. Using Probe for Searching Gene in Genomic Library
8.2: Recombinant DNA Technology
1. The Polymerase Chain Reaction
2. Components of PCR
3. Mechanism of PCR
4. Applications of PCR
8.3: Recombinant DNA Technology
1. Gene Therapy
2. Gene Therapy (Ex-Vivo)
3. Gene Therapy In-Vivo Method
4. Cystic Fibrosis
5. Role of Biotechnology in Diagnosis of Diseases
6. Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnosis of Diseases
7. Bio-Chips
8. Bio-Fertilizers
9. Nanotechnology
10. Genetically Modified Organisms
11. Transgenic Bacteria
12. Role of Transgenic Bacteria in Human Welfare
13. Ecological Concerns surrounding Trangenic Bateria
14. Transgenic Plants
15. Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation
16. Electroporation Method
17. Particle gun Method
18. Agricultural plants With Improved Traits
19. Transgenic Animals
20. Transgenic or Genetically modified Animals
21. Methods of Creation of Transgenic Animals
22. Application of Transgenic Animals
23. Cloning of Transgenic Animals
24. Uses and Applications of Biotechnology( With Refereance to Plants)
25. Uses and Applications of Biotechnology( With Refereance to Animals)
26. Uses and Applications of Biotechnology( With Refereance to Bacteria)

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