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Federal Board > 10th > Physics (Total Videos: 277)

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Chapter 14: Current Electricity (52 videos)
14.1: Electric Current
  1. Introduction to Fuse
  2. Insulation Damage and Damp Conditions
  3. Direct Current
  4. Introduction to Electric Current
  5. Electric Power
  6. Electrical Energy and Joules law DEMO
  7. Problem 1-Electrical Energy and Joules law
  8. Introduction to Circuit Breaker
  9. Alternating Current
  10. Kilowatt Hour
  11. More on Introduction to Electric Current
  12. Problem 1-Electric Power
  13. Conventional Current
  14. Problem 2-Electric Power
  15. Problem 2-Electrical Energy and Joules law
  16. Problem-Introduction to Electric Current
  17. Introduction to Earth Wire
  18. House Wiring
  19. Measurement of Current
  20. Problem 1-Measurement of Current
  21. Problem 2-Measurement of Current
14.2: Potential Difference
  1. Potential Difference
  2. Problem-Potential Difference
14.3: Eletcromotive Force (e.m.f)
  1. Electromotive Force DEMO
  2. Measurement of Potential Difference
  3. Problem 1-Measurement of Potential Difference
  4. The Measurement of e.m.f
  5. Problem- Potential Divider
  6. Problem-Electromotive Force
  7. Problem- Measurement of e.m.f
14.4: OHM'S Law
  1. Ohms Law
  2. Problem-Determining the Resistance of a Load
  3. Problem- Resistor
14.5: Chracteristics of Ohmic and Non Ohmic Conductors
  1. Characteristics of Ohmic and Non Ohmic Conductors
  2. Problem-Characteristics of Ohmic and Non Ohmic Conductors
14.6: Specific Resistance (Resistivity)
  1. Specific Resistance DEMO
  2. Problem 1-Specific Resistance
  3. Problem 2-Specific Resistance
  4. Problem 1-Effect of Temperature Upon Resistance
  5. Problem 2-Effect of Temperature Upon Resistance
14.7: Conductors
  1. Conductors and Insulators
14.8: Insulators
  1. Conductors and Insulators
14.9: Combination of Resistors
  1. Series combination of Resistors DEMO
  2. Problem 1-Series Combination of Resistors
  3. Parallel Combination to Resistors
  4. Problem 2-Series Combination of Resistors
  5. More on Parallel Combination to Resistors
  6. Problem-Current in Series Circuit
  7. Problem 1-Parallel combination to Resistors
  8. Problem 2-Parallel combination to Resistors
  9. Problem 3-Parallel combination to Resistors
  10. Problem 4-Parallel combination to Resistors

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