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Chapter 12: Geometrical Optics (63 videos)

12.1: Reflection of Light
1. Reflection of Light
2. Human Eye
3. Introducing Camera
4. Shortsightedness
5. Astronomical Telescope
6. Simple Microscope
7. Introduction to Compound Microscope
8. Farsightedness
9. More on Compound Microscope
10. More on Simple Microscope
11. Slide Projector
12. Regular and Irregular Reflection of Light
13. Resolving Power and Resolving Limit
14. Photograph Enlarger
15. Problem 1-Reflection of light by spherical mirrors
16. Totally Reflecting Prism
17. Optical Fiber
12.2: Spherical Mirrors
1. Concave and Convex Mirror
2. Mirror Terminologies
3. Problem 1-Concave Mirrors
4. Images Formed by Plane Mirror
5. Problem 2-Convex Mirrors
6. Problem-Mirror Terminologies
7. Problem 1-Images Formed by Plane Mirror
12.3: Image Location by Spherical Mirror Formula
1. Images by Spherical Mirrors
2. Spherical Mirror Formula
3. Problem 1-Images by Spherical Mirrors
4. Sign Convention Linear Magnification
5. Problem 1-Uses of Spherical Mirrors
6. More on Spherical Mirror Formula
7. Problem 1-Spherical Mirror Formula
8. Problem 1-Convex Mirror Formula
9. Problem 1-Sign Convention & Linear Magnification
12.4: Refraction of Light
1. Refraction of Light
2. Laws of Refraction
3. Refraction of Light in Water
4. Problem 1-Laws of Refraction
5. Speed of Light in Medium
6. Introducing Refractive Index
7. Apparent and Real Depth
8. Problem 1-Speed of Light in Medium
9. Problem 1-Introducing Refractive Index
10. Problem 1-Apparent and Real Depth
12.5: Total Internal Reflection
1. Total Internal Reflection
2. Problem 1-Total Internal Reflection
12.6: Refraction Through PRISM
1. Refraction of Light Through Prism
2. Relationship b/w Refractive Index and Critical Angle
3. Problem 1-Relationship b/w Refractive Index and Critical Angle
12.7: Lenses
1. Types of Lenses
2. Convergence and Divergence of Lenses
3. Lens Terminologies
4. Image Formed by Convex Lens
5. Image Formation by Concave Lens
6. Problem 1-Image Formed by Convex Lens
7. Power of a Lens
8. Problem 1-Image Formed by Concave Lens
9. Problem 1-Power of a Lens
12.8: Refraction Through Lenses
1. Image Formation in Convex Lenses
12.9: Image Location by Lens Equation
1. Image Location by Lens Formula
2. Linear Magnification of Lenses
3. Problem 1-Image Location by Lens Formula
4. Sign Conventions for Lenses
5. Problem 1-Linear Magnification of Lenses

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