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Chapter 5: Polynomials (27 videos)

5.1: Algebraic Expressions
1. Introducing Variable & Constant
2. Problem-Concepts of Constant and Variables / Literals
3. Power or Exponent or Indices of Literal Number
4. Problem-Power or Exponent or Indices of Literal Number
5. Algebraic Expressions & Algebraic Sentences
6. Problem-Introduction to Algebraic Expressions
5.2: Polynomials
1. Concept of Polynomial and its Degree
2. Problem-Concept of Polynomial and its Degree
5.3: Classification of Polynomials
1. Coefficients of a Polynomial
2. Polynomials in One, Two and More Variables
3. Identification of a Monomial, Binomial and Trinomial
4. Problem-Identification of a Monomial, Binomial and Trinomial
5. Linear, Quadratic & Cubic Polynomials
6. Problem-Concept of Linear Polynomials
7. Problem-Concept of Quadratic Polynomials
8. Problem-Concept of Cubic Polynomial
9. Concept of Biquadratic Polynomial
10. Problem-Concept of Biquadratic Polynomial
11. Problem Related to Algebraic Expressions
5.4: Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
1. Addition of Algebraic Expression
2. Equality Property of Rational Expression
5.5: Multiplying Two Polynomials of Degree
1. Product of Algebraic Expression
2. More on Multiplication of Polynomials
3. Problem-Multiplication of Polynomials-1
4. Problem-Multiplication of Polynomials-2
5.6: Division of a Polynomial By a Linear Polynomial
1. Division of Algebraic Expression
2. Problem-Division of Polynomials

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