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Chapter 1: Sets (34 videos)

1.1: Different Methods of Expressing a set
1. Presentation of a Set
2. Set Builder Notation
1.2: Operations on Sets
1. Union of Two Sets
2. Problem-Union of Two Sets
3. Intersection of Set
4. Problem-Intersection of Two Sets
5. Difference of Sets
6. Problem-Difference of Two Sets
7. Associative Property of Union of Sets
8. Problem-Union of Three Sets
9. Associative Property of Intersection of Sets
10. Problem-Intersection of Three Sets
11. Disjoint Set
12. Problem-Distributive Law of Intersection Over Union
13. Problem-Disjoint and Overlapping Sets
14. Problem-Complement of Union Equals Intersection of Complements
15. Universal Set
16. Commutative Property of Union
1.3: Venn Diagrams
1. Introduction to Venn Diagrams
2. Problem-Introduction to Venn Diagram
3. Problem-Representing Sets Through Venn Diagrams
4. Commutative Law of Union of Sets
5. Problem-Performing Union of Sets Through Venn Diagram
6. Commutative Law of Intersection of Sets
7. Problem-Performing Intersection of Sets Through Venn Diagram
8. Difference of Sets for Overlapping Sets
9. Problem-Difference of Two Sets A and B Through Venn Diagram
10. Complement of a Set Through Venn Diagram
11. Problem-Complement of a Set Through Venn Diagram
12. Union Associativity for Overlapping Sets
13. Problem-Associative Law of Union Through Venn Diagram
14. Intersection Associativity for Overlapping Sets
15. Distributivity of Union Over Intersection of Sets
16. Distributivity of Intersection Over Union of Sets

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