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Chapter 7: Energy (25 videos)

7.1: Energy
1. Introduction to Work
2. More on Introduction to Work
3. Introduction to Energy
4. Problem on Law of Conservation of Energy
5. Potential Energy
6. Forms of Energy
7. Nuclear Energy and Electrical Energy
7.2: Interconversion of energy
1. Interconversion of Energy
7.3: Energy demands
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
7.4: Method of acquiring energy
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
7.5: Sources of Energy
1. Nuclear Reactor
2. 1-More on Nuclear Reactor
3. 2-More on Nuclear Reactor
7.6: Reneable Energy Resources
1. Hydroelectric power
2. Thermal power
3. Solar Energy
4. Energy from Waves
5. Energy from Tides
6. Geothermal Energy
7. Energy from Biomass
7.7: Measurement of energy
1. Electric Power
2. Kilowatt Hour
3. Electricity meter and measuring Natural gas
7.8: Energy and environment
1. Energy and Environment
2. Biological effects of radiation
3. More on Biological effects of radiation
4. Protection from radiation

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