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Chapter 2: Our Life and Chemistry (40 videos)

2.1: The Basic Building Elements for Life
1. Importance of Carbon
2. More on Importance of Carbon
3. Occurrence of Hydrogen
4. Uses of Hydrogen
5. Photosynthesis
6. Respiration
7. Inspiration
8. Expiration
9. Comparison of Photosynthesis and Respiration
2.2: Carbon and its Allotropic forms
1. Allotropy and Allotropic Forms of Carbon
2. Diamond
3. Graphite
4. Bucky Balls
5. Amorphous Forms of Carbon, Coal
6. Introduction to Water
7. Physical Properties of Water
8. Anamolous Behaviour of Water
9. More on Anamolous Behaviour of Water
10. Water as Universal Solvent
2.3: Composition of Air
1. Composition of Atmosphere
2. Uses of Carbondioxide
3. Depletion of Ozone
4. Effect of Ozone Depletion
2.4: Importance and Functions of elements for the maintenance of our Health
(No vidoes available yet. Still under development.)
2.5: Importance and Functions of elements for the maintenance of agriculture
1. Minerals Requirement in Plants
2. Macronutrients, Micronutrients
3. Role of Nitrogen and Magnesium
4. Minerals Requirement, Nitrogen
5. Minerals Requirement, Phosphorus
6. Minerals Requirement, Potassium
7. Minerals Requirement, Magnesium
2.6: Importance and Functions of elements in Daily Life
1. Uses of Calcium and Magnesium
2. Sodium
3. uses of Sodium,Calcium,Magnesium
4. The Halogens
5. Importance of Halogens in Daily Life
6. Uses of Chlorine
7. Occurrence of Iron
8. Cast Iron
9. Wrought Iron
10. Steel Iron

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