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Chapter 3: Ethics (15 videos)

3.1: Greetings (Good morning,how are you)
1. Greetings (Hello! Good morning/Good bye)
3.2: Taking Permission (May I come in.. etc)
1. Permission and Command (May I/Do this/Do that)
2. Agreeing and Disagreeing (Yes you may/No you may not)
3. Dialogue: May I come in, sir?
3.3: Expressing Feelings-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
1. Expressing Feelings-Dialogue (reading /explanation/activities)
3.4: Friends/Sharing-Good Habits (look at picture&tell)
1. Friends/Sharing-Good Habits (look at picture&tell)
3.5: Cognates-objects with same name in English&Urdu (pictures/names)
1. Names of Objects Around Us-Vocabulary (pictures/names)
3.6: Vowel and Consonant Sounds (Reading/Explanation/activities)
1. The Use of A and An
2. Exercise-The Use of A and An
3. More on Exercise-The Use of A and An
3.7: Capital Letter and Full Stop/Question Mark (Explanation/ Exercises)
1. Telling and Asking Sentences (She is a girl/What are these?)
2. Exercise-Telling and Asking Sentences
3.8: Types of Weather (pictures/explanation/activities)
1. Types of Weather (pictures/explanation/activities)
2. More on Types of Weather
3.9: Road Signs(Explanation with the help of pictures)
1. Sign Boards (Zebra Crossing/U-turn etc)

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