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Chapter 6: Animals/Birds/Insects (types) (10 videos)

6.1: Old McDonald Had a Farm-Rhyme
1. Old McDonald Had a Farm-Rhyme
6.2: Animals (different types)
1. Zoo Animals (pictures with names)
2. More on Zoo Animals (pictures with names)
6.3: Birds (different types)
1. Birds (pictures with names)
6.4: Animals Male Female
1. Animals Male Female (pictures with names)
6.5: Animal Babies
1. Animal Babies (pictures with names)
6.6: Animals Alike and Different (Animals/Birds/Insects)
1. Animals Alike and Different
6.7: Ant Likes her Sugar-Rhyme
1. Ant Likes her Sugar-Rhyme
6.8: A Big Bully (story of an ant and an elephant)
1. A Big Bully-A Short Story (reading/explanation)
6.9: Food that Animals Eat/Drink
1. What Animals Eat (pictures with names)

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