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Chapter 8: Acids Bases and Salts (23 videos)

8.1: Acidic, Basic and Amphoteric Substances
1. General Properties of Acids
2. General Properties of Bases
3. Amphoteric Compounds
8.2: Bronsted-Lowry Concept of Bases
1. Bronstead-Lowry Concept of Acids
2. Bronstead-Lowry Concept of Bases
8.3: Conjugate acid-Base Pairs
1. Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
8.4: Strength of Acids and Bases
1. Strength of Acids and Bases
2. The Ion Product of Water
3. pH, pOH and pKw
4. Process of Titration
5. Acid-Base Titration
6. pKa and pKb
7. Relationship between Ka and Kb
8.5: Lewis Definition of Acid and Bases
1. Lewis Concept of Acids
2. Lewis Concept of Bases
8.6: Buffer Solution and their Applications
1. Buffer Solutions
2. Buffer Action
3. Calculation of pH of a Buffer
4. More on Calculation of pH of a Buffer
5. Buffer Capacity
8.7: Salt Hydrolysis
1. Hydrolysis
2. More on Hydrolysis
3. Levelling Effect

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