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Chapter 15: Water (19 videos)

15.1: Properties of Water
1. Introduction to Water
2. Physical Properties of Water
3. Composition of Water
15.2: Water as Solvent
1. Water as Universal Solvent
15.3: Soft and Hard Water
1. Soft, Hard and Heavy Water
2. Causes of Hardness
15.4: Types of Hardness of Water
1. Temporary Hardness
2. Permanent Hardness
15.5: Methods of Removing Hardness
1. Removal of Temporary Hardness By Heating
2. Removal of Temporary Hardness By Clarks Method
3. Removal of Permanent Hardness by Washing Soda
4. Removal of Permanent Hardness by Using Zeolite
15.6: Disadvantages of Water Hardness
1. Disadvantages of Hard Water
15.7: Water Pollution
1. Disease-Causing Wastes(Domestic Effluents)
2. Water pollutents,Oxygen-Demanding Or Industrial Effluents
3. Agricultural Water Pollutants
4. Effects of Water Pollution
15.8: Waterborne Disease
1. Water borne Infectious Diseases
2. More on Water borne Infectious Diseases

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